The Complaint Process

The Carrboro Police Department acknowledges its responsibility to the citizens of the Town of Carrboro by ensuring that there is a clear process to receive and investigate complaints. We will evaluate each complaint carefully through proper investigation and take any and all necessary action. The Carrboro Police Department's Complaint Review Process is set-up so that any person may file a complaint through the procedure outlined below. Typical reasons for filing a complaint include but are not limited to: unprofessional conduct by an officer, cursing or the use of foul language during an interaction with officers, poor handling of an emergency or non-emergency situation, or a violation of departmental policy.


  1. Access the Carrboro Police Department Complaint Form. You may access an online fillable form which is submitted electronically upon completion, a PDF fillable form that is downloadable or you may come by the Police Department in person.
  2. Fill out the Complaint Form completely. Incomplete forms, especially forms missing necessary information, will make the complaint far more difficult to investigate.
  3. You may mail the completed form or deliver it in person to the Carrboro Police Department. You may also send the form by email to the Chief of Police. You can also fax the form to 919-942-4473, labeled with ATTN: Chief of Police.


Once a complaint is received, it is handed over to the Criminal Investigations Division for investigation. The Lieutenant in charge of this division will conduct an Internal Affairs investigation of the incident using all resources at his or her disposal. Once the investigation is completed, the complainant will receive a limited release of findings. In accordance with N.C. G.S. 132-1.4 which covers public employees and the release of personal information, it is not possible for the Carrboro Police Department to release any information pertaining to any punishments or corrective measures that were taken as a result of the complaint.

The following results of the Internal Affairs investigation will be released to the complainant in the complaint as follows:

  • Sustained: Facts exist which prove specific allegations or other wrongdoing discovered during the investigation.
  • Not Sustained: Insufficient facts exist to substantiate any wrongdoing or to refute the allegations.
  • Unfounded: Either the allegation is demonstrably false or there is no credible evidence to support it.
  • Proper Conduct: The actions of the Department or officers involved were not inconsistent with procedures.
  • Policy Failure: The investigation indicates a need to modify or expand training, or a need to change policies and procedures.
  • Other: Any dispositions not indicated above; these will be enumerated in the disposition the complainant receives.