Loose Leaf Collection

leaf truck

Loose leaf collection is in residential areas only.

Annual Schedule

Collection begins November 1 and ends the Friday closest to February 28.


Please follow these simple guidelines for the loose leaf collection service:

  • Leaves must be free of all debris (leaves only)
  • Leaves may be raked to the back side of the curb and staged for collection
  • To better facilitate efficiency of collection, leaf piles should be long and narrow and placed as close to the curb as possible to facilitate pick up (within 10 feet). Crews will not remove leaves from private property
  • Piles should not block drainage ditches, sidewalks, bike lanes, or streets per Chapter 7 of the Town Code
  • Avoid piling leaves around posts and mailboxes, as this makes it difficult for crews to access
  • Avoid parking on or directly adjacent to staged leaf piles as the collection vehicle may not be able to access the affected pile
  • Residents can expect collection every 2 to 3 weeks (depending on weather and workload)
  • Leaves may be bagged and placed curbside for collection (no more than 8 plastic or unlimited paper bags, not weighing more than 50 pounds each) Bagged leaves will be collected during normal yard waste collections and not collected by the loose leaf crews.

Leaf collection is not subject to the yard waste collection schedule.

Leaf Collection Sections

For collection purposes, the Town is divided into 5 sections, A - B - C - D - E Each section is addressed street by street until the entire section is completed. Collection crews then move on to the next section in alphabetical order. Once the crews have made a full pass of the Town, the cycle starts again in Section A. A full cycle typically takes 2- 3 weeks to complete.

View for an alphabetical listing of streets and collection sections.
View for a sample leaf route checklist listing streets in order of collection.

Maps of the individual collection sections are available below.

Section A Map - PDF
Section B Map - PDF
Section C Map - PDF
Section D Map - PDF
Section E Map - PDF

Town Wide Collection Map - PDF

Questions / Concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Loose Leaf Collection Service please notify the Landscaping and Grounds Supervisor as follows: