Barred Owl Neighborhood * Traffic Calming 

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Project Update - 7/17/2020

The feedback received from the neighborhood during the March 7th meeting has been used to develop concept level traffic calming improvements to address the issues identified. Internal staff from multiple departments including Police, Fire, and Public Works are reviewing this concept plan. The current conditions of COVID-19 prevent us from holding any additional public input sessions at this time. We are working to create an opportunity for residents to give feedback and to have a discussion on neighborhood preferences for access control at Carol Street. We are currently planning to provide an update to the Town Council early in the fall. 

In the meantime, if you observe any unsafe driving behavior occurring in your neighborhood, please direct any information you may have to the Carrboro Police Department’s non-emergency line at: 919-918-7397 or via email to  

However, if you observe behavior that is egregiously unsafe, do not be hesitant to call 911.

Additionally, we’ve developed some temporary signage which can be installed along the streets to help better inform drivers to expect pedestrians walking in the street due to current social distancing requirements.

A version of the sign that you can print for your own use can be found here.

Neighborhood Meeting - 3/7/2020

On March 7th, 2020, the first Neighborhood Information Meeting for the Plantation Acres Traffic Calming Plan was held at Carrboro Town Hall. There were over 40 people in attendance and town staff received over 30 comment forms, which residents used to identify the problem areas related to vehicle speeds, volumes, conflicts, and other concerns observed in their neighborhood. The feedback received was aggregated based on location and type of issue identified (selected from a set of 5) to help show patterns within the neighborhood and identify the locations where the most issues were observed.

* Agenda items and other materials related to this matter may also be found under the name "Plantation Acres."

What we heard

Based on location, the distribution of comments received is below:

  • Carol Street: 41%
  • Lorraine Street: 17%
  • Lisa Drive: 11%
  • Simpson Street: 10%
  • James Street: 10%
  • All other streets: 11%

Based on type of traffic calming concern, the distribution of comments received is:

  • Speeding: 27%
  • Conflicts with Bikes and Pedestrians: 19%
  • Peak Hour Volume: 18%
  • Total Daily Volume: 15%
  • Turning Vehicles: 13%
  • Other: 8%

In addition to the discussion that occurring on March 7th, the neighbors of Plantation Acres compiled a number of comments through use of a Google Group, during a discussion about potential traffic calming modifications for the neighborhood. Those have been provided to the Town to be included in project documentation and can be viewed at the link below.

Plantation Acres Google Group Documentation

A visual summary of the feedback received during the March 7th meeting can be viewed on the map at the link below.

Plantation Acres Feedback Summary Map

The traffic data collected by the Town and the Lloyd Farm TIA consultant, which was presented at the March 7th meeting can be viewed at the link below.

Plantation Acres Traffic Data Map

The Traffic Impact Analysis report, which was prepared by Kimley-Horn, as part of the Lloyd Farm rezoning request, prepared in April 2019 can be accessed at the link below.

Lloyd Farm Traffic Impact Analysis Report

Information about traffic calming, as developed by the Federal Highway Administration, can be found below.

FHWA Traffic Calming Primer

Town Staff are currently working to develop a concept plan to provide potential options for traffic calming alternatives to alleviate the issues identified during the March 7th meeting. Due to the current restrictions the Town has put in place to better limit the spread of COVID-19, we do not have a timeline for when we would anticipate future meetings to discuss traffic calming recommendations or questions about the Lloyd Farm Traffic Impact Analysis.

Any additional questions or comments can be submitted to the Town’s Transportation Planner via email at or at 919-918-7329.