“The town should encourage and support the development of greenways and parklands dedicated to public use along streams and easements. There should be a network of connected greenways throughout the town. These greenways should serve as nature trails, biking and walking trails, wildlife corridors. All should protect our natural environment.”

--Carrboro Vision 2020

For the latest information on the Town’s greenway projects follow the link below:

Current Town Projects

Bolin Creek Greenway

Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Plan

Public Input


Operations and Management

Design Guidelines

Land Aquisition


Executive Summary

Chapter 1 -- Introduction

Chapter 2 -- Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 -- Maps

Chapter 3 -- Opportunities and Constraints

Chapter 4 -- Proposed Design

Chapter 5 -- Implementation

Existing Conditions Report

Morgan Creek Greenway

Morgan Creek Greenway Conceptual Plan

Morgan Creek Greenway Report

Morgan Creek Greenway Report Chapters 1-5

Morgan Creek Greenway Report Appendices

Greenways Commission

More information about Carrboro greenways is available on the Greenways Commission page.