Municipal Operations

An Energy and Climate Protection Plan was created in 2014 as a step in supporting the Town in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, becoming more energy efficient, generating more renewable energy, and land management in consideration of climate change. The plan focuses on identifying opportunities, best practices, and planning through budgeting and the Capital Improvement Program. It has a near term goal of 5-10% reduction in municipal energy use . The Town has created this plan to address energy use primarily for municipal operations but also to recognize municipal support for the community sector. The plan includes sections on: outdoor lighting; municipal buildings; fleet operations; tree management for public facilities and right-of-ways; municipal support for residential and commercial buildings; transportation initiatives including greenways, Safe Routes to Schools, transit, car and bike sharing, and considering emissions in transportation planning efforts; and expanding efforts to promote renewable energy and support urban forestry. In addition to these recommendations, the plan includes a section on climate change adaptation and appendices with additional contextual information.