Emergency Planning

Ready NC Provides the Following Information for effective Emergency Planning


When an emergency strikes your family may be without power or access to grocery stores, running water or other day-to-day necessities. The best way to prepare for that is to build a Family Emergency Kit. The Kit should have some basic items, but should match you and your family - like a fingerprint, no two kits will look exactly alike. The Kit will be helpful whether you are staying at home or you have to leave on short notice. The links below point to several different checklists for emergency kits, so make sure to check them out for different ideas!


If a disaster strikes your family may be split up already, or be split up as a result. The best way to assure that you can make contact is to make a plan for how you all will check-in and get back together. The two links below have excellent information on making a plan, including a printable form that you can fill out and give to each family member.


There are more ways than ever to become better prepared and more connected to an emergency response than ever. Check out the links below to see if one of these volunteer opportunities is right for you.


  • OC Alerts - Go to this link to sign up for OC Alerts, a service that provides notifications in emergencies
  • The National Weather Service- For up to date weather forecasts, storm tracks, and preparedness info
  • ReadyNC.org - For much more information in North Carolina including evacuation info and more on specific hazards
  • Red Cross Disaster Services - Your source for Red Cross info



For downed trees and other debris in a roadway, assure that you are in a safe location and call 9-1-1

For downed trees on private property contact the primary insurer of the property and then contact a private debris removal company


Report flooding by calling 9-1-1

Special Needs Registry/Shelters - Orange Co. Department of Social Services


Orange County officials work with the Orange County Chapter of the American Red Cross to open Emergency Shelters when the need arises. There are 2 primary Orange County Emergency Shelters:

  • Smith Middle School - 9201 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill
  • CW Stanford Middle School - 308 Orange High School Rd, Hillsborough

Considerations - Shelters require you to be as informed and prepared as possible

  • If you need special assistance in a disaster call 919-245-2884 to register for assistance before a disaster strikes.
  • Shelter locations may change depending on the emergency
  • Listen to the radio for further directions concerning shelter openings:
  • WCHL-AM (1360), WCHL-FM (97.9), WDCG-FM (105.1), WRAL-FM (101.5), WYMY-FM (La Ley 101.1 in Spanish)
  • Shelters will have food or water, but will not have easy access to medications or many other personal needs.
  • If you must have transportation, emergency transport may be provided to you by calling 919-245-6100.
  • Bring Picture ID
  • Regularly taken medications
  • Insurance information
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Personal radios - with headphones
  • Games , reading material or other things to pass the time - especially for children
  • Specialty items for your needs
  • DO NOT bring weapons, illegal drugs, candles or valuables
  • Smoking IS NOT allowed inside the shelter


  • Service animals for the hearing and visually impaired will be allowed in the shelter
  • All other animals are welcome at the shelter and Animal Services Staff will be on hand to board pets in the best manner possible
  • Owners of large animals and livestock should make preparations for their animals as very limited support will be provided in a disaster